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Internet Estate Agents have emerged and not all of them are equally good. Read more about our report here.
Amish Mafia

TV Review: Amish Mafia (Discovery Channel)

Personally, I don’t understand the whole idea of ‘scripted’ reality shows, but at least the likes of TOWIE, Made in Chelsea and their brethren know what they are. For all the documentary-style shooting, real people and dramatic ‘real-life’ scenarios that...


TV Review: Arrested Development Season Four (Netflix)

A lot has changed in the last seven years. Internet estate agents have emerged, The housing bubble has collapsed, George W. Bush has evaporated back into the mist of evil he originally coalesced out of, and the mist has offered...

Big Bang

5 Things We Learned From…The Big Bang Theory

When Friends finally bit the dust over at Channel 4’s HQ, a lot of people wondered what would become of E4, the teen skewed channel whose schedules were entirely filled by a sitcom that was undoubtedly older than it’s audience....

Wright Way 0

Have You Been Watching…The Wright Way?

When the best line the BBC press team can muster for a new sitcom is, “if you like Mrs. Brown’s Boys, you’ll love this,” you know you’re in trouble. Welcome to The Wright Way, Ben Elton’s much trumpeted return to...

Sue Perkins 0

TV News: Sue Perkins Next Doctor Who?

Sue Perkins is revered here at TV Jam Towers, mainly by our editor. As writing news articles isn’t mentioned in the restraining order’s small print, we’re happy to report that fans of professional cake inspector and all round good egg...